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Assemblée de l'agenda numérique 2012

Version française bientôt disponible - EESC committed to the Digital Agenda for Europe Conférence - EESC and European Parliament, Brussels, Belgique

In cooperation with the European Economic and Social Committee, the European Parliament and the Committee of the Regions (CoR), the European Commission held on 21-22 June the second Digital Agenda Assembly in Brussels. Anna Maria Darmanin, Vice-President of the European Economic and Social Committee spoke in a panel discussion on the impact of online activism. She also gave the e-inclusion awards which are granted to projects that help get people online:

The main goals of the Digital Agenda Assembly are three-fold:

  • take stock of the progress in implementing the Digital Agenda,
  • identify obstacles and challenges faced by the implementation of the Digital Agenda and information society policies;
  • boost action and make progress;

The EESC's involvement

The European Economic and Social Committee will be strongly represented at the Digital Agenda Assembly.

Anna Maria Darmanin, Vice-President of the European Economic and Social Committee spoke on Friday speak in the panel discussion on "Everybody online and empowered: the impact of online activism and the global netizens." Following the debate the EESC Vice-President gave the e-inclusion awards to organisations and individuals from across Europe who champion new technology and exploit the potential of the internet as a means of improving employability and meeting today’s complex social and economic challenges.






The day before, two EESC Members, Anna Nietyksza (Poland, Employer's Group), Eric Pigal (France, Workers' Group) and Jorge Pegado Liz spoke in workshop sessions. Their interventions focussed on cloud computing and e-commerce.