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Séminaire d'Orientation sur l'Initiative Citoyenne Européenne

Seminar - Brussels

The European Citizens' Initiative: "Empowering the citizens' rights"

 Group III organised an Orientation Seminar on Monday, 27 June 2011 at the EESC headquarters in Brussels. The President of Group III, Luca Jahier (IT), launched and promoted the idea to debate on the stakes of the biggest democratic innovation of the Lisbon Treaty: the European Citizens' Initiative (ECI). This Orientation Seminar set out  to highlight the historical, procedural and infrastructural aspects of the European Citizens' Initiative and tackled the future challenges which lie ahead by involving a wide range of representatives of the EU Institutions and of national civil society organisations from the Member States. More precisely, it intended to brief and instruct these representatives of the national civil society organisations about the ECI, in order to give them all the necessary information with the aims of firstly, bringing about an efficient European Citizens Initiative and, secondly to open the communication channels with other organisations on a national level.