4a reunión de la Mesa Redonda UE-Brasil

Conference - Brasilia

EESC president Staffan Nilsson together with an EESC delegation of 12 members attended yesterday 26 April the plenary meeting of the Brazilian Council for Economic and Social Development (CESD), held in the presence of the President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff. In her address, she welcomed and encouraged the cooperation between the Brazilian Council and the EESC, and stressed the key role of civil society in times of economic recovery and reforms.

President Nilsson exchanged a few words with President Roussef and praised her policy efforts for eradicating extreme poverty. Staffan Nilsson also met the newly appointed Secretary-General of the CESD, Minister Moreira Franco. The latter expressed his willingness to cooperate with the EESC on the preparations of the civil society contribution to Rio+20 global conference on sustainable development in 2012.

The first session of the EU-Brazil Civil Society Round Table tackled the topic of food security and food safety. The Brazilian Council and the EESC presented and debated their opinions on the issues. The second session taking place today 27 April focuses on sustainable development and the way the two bodies can prepare together the contribution of civil society to the global conference on sustainable development Rio+20. The EU-Brazil Civil Society Round Table will adopt today a joint declaration on the issues discussed to be taken on board by the EU-Brazil Summit in October this year.

Read the EESC president’s speech at the EU-Brazil Civil Society Round Table here.