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  • When the EU 2020 meets with the real world

    23 Feb 2012

    By: Staffan Nilsson

    There is no denying that some of the procedures and mechanisms that come from Brussels are technocratic and out of touch with reality. But it does seem that the most important strategy we have come up with to tackle our gravest ever crisis is indeed a good one, and this gives me cause for optimism. Read More...
  • Rio+20 – we need more flesh on the bones

    18 Jan 2012

    By: Staffan Nilsson

    The "zero draft" summarising key issues forming the basis of the Rio+20 final agreement is a good starting point for subsequent negotiations. But it still falls far short of the hopes and ambitions of organised civil society in Europe for what could and should be achieved by the Rio process. We look to the Council, the Commission and the Parliament to be equally resolute in pressing the case for a stronger and more purposeful programme to be created at Rio, and to give our European negotiators a powerful mandate to settle for nothing less. Read More...
  • How sustainable can we get this year

    10 Jan 2012

    By: Staffan Nilsson

    It has always been my belief that Europe is and should continue to be a driver and leader in sustainability reform at global level. It proved this once again in Durban several weeks ago when it put pressure on large CO2 emitters and succeeded in achieving clear progress in the international climate negotiations. Europe must remain a driving force in climate negotiations at global level. This is one of the reasons why I have made sustainability something of a mantra and a watchword for my presidency at the EESC. It is my deeply held conviction that we must meet our everyday needs with each and every policy without jeopardising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Once sustainability is mainstreamed into all policies, I hope that it will become second nature for us to be more responsible in how we take care of our planet's nature and resources. After Durban, our next destination is the Earth summit Rio+20. Civil society has taken the road to Rio and the EESC's message is clear: Go Sustainable, be responsible! Read More...



  • Extraordinary meeting of the Workers' Group
    Meeting - Brussels, Belgium

    On 21 October 2013, the Workers' Group organised an extraordinary meeting on the themes of social cohesion and minimum income.

Results 1 to 10 out of 32.