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Europe 2020 Strategy

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  • Press Release Item 25 Sep 2012
    Ref: 058 2012
    A clear message for the October summit: Step up for Europe The European Economic and Social Committee President, Staffan Nilsson, gave a clear message today to the next European Council: step up for Europe! Step up to restore trust in the economy and its financial structures. Step up to promote confidence in a comprehensive and dynamic European growth model. Step up to ensure legitimacy in the EU decision-making process. Step up to reach out to citizens and offer hope in the European project. These were the EESC President's summary conclusions at the end of a packed and high-level EESC conference today on Europe 2020 and how the strategy must step up and meet the needs of today and tomorrow's Europe. "More Europe makes economic sense. More Europe and Europe 2020 go together, they are mutually reinforcing" stressed Staffan Nilsson, and together with civil society representatives from throughout Europe called for decisive steps towards an Economic, Social and Political Union. This is meant to effectively pool resources, mutualise risks and leverage up job-intensive growth and the alleviation of poverty.
  • Speech Item 25 Sep 2012 Organisation: EESC, Speaker: Staffan Nilsson
    Step up for a stronger Europe- opening Why this conference and why did we choose this title? - because we need a stronger Europe to lift us out of this extremely serious crisis, in order to preserve what our developed societies have already achieved and establish the economic and social framework for the next generations; - because the EESC believes that the 2020 strategy is and will continue to be the best framework for action
  • Speech Item 21 Sep 2012 Organisation: EESC, Speaker: Staffan Nilsson
    AER Crisis Summit and the Role of Regions I am very grateful for this opportunity to address your Summit on the Crisis. I would like to share with you some ideas of the European Economic and Social Committee on how local, regional and national authorities can exit from it. My first message today will be: yes, we can fix it by working together in full and genuine partnership with citizens. My second message will be: in order to create the conditions for a return to growth and jobs, more Europe is needed, not less.
  • Publication Item
    Published In: 2012
    100 pages
    Europe 2020 strategy - The first European semester from a civil society perspective
    Europe 2020 strategy - The first European semester from a civil society perspective. Integrated report.
  • Newsletter Item Issue Date: September 2012
    Europe III September 2012
    Newsletter of the Various Interests' Group
  • Newsletter Item Issue Date: September 2012
    EESC info September 2012
    IN THIS ISSUE The EU budget is a great investment tool, interview with Budget Commissioner Janusz Lewandowski, EESC Groups' Presidents look at the Europe 2020 Strategy, A Single Market fit for the 21st century, Strategy targets jobs for young people, Industrial policy makes a comeback, What future for the media in the Euromed region?, Interview with Kinga Joó, Hungarian Member of the EESC
  • News Item 12 Sep 2012
    EESC President’s Statement on the State of the Union "What was inevitable has now been said: for the future of the EU, we must not be afraid to speak of a federation of nation-states and we must continue to deepen cooperation. Let us build it together and have the courage to turn a challenge into an opportunity. Europe needs vision and strong leadership. Mr Barroso has shown vision and leadership today in his State of the Union speech", states Mr Staffan Nilsson, President of the European Economic and Social Committee, in response to the European Commission's State of the Union address in the European Parliament today.
  • Event Page

    Conference - EESC, Brussels, Belgium

    On 3 October 2012, the Various Interests Group organised a conference at the EESC on the topic 'Social Enterprises and the Europe 2020 Strategy: innovative solutions for a sustainable Europe'. Within the general framework of the 2012 UN International Year of Cooperatives, the objective of the event of the Various Interests Group was to actively support social enterprises as significant actors in the implementation of the Europe 2020 Strategy and of the Single Market.

  • Link Item European Council of 28 - 29 June 2012
    The European Council focused on economic policy, adopting a Compact for growth and jobs and endorsing country-specific recommendations on the member states' economic and fiscal policies. http://www.european-council.europa.eu/council-meetings?lang=en Published on the 4 Jul 2012
  • Newsletter Item Issue Date: July 2012
    Europe III July 2012 - N° 47
    Group III Newsletter

Results 31 to 40 out of 61.