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Energy Efficiency

  • Document Item 2 May 2012 Think Green! The Opportunities of Sustainable Development and of the Green Economy Conference organised by the Various Interests Group of the EESC, Brussels
  • Press Release Item 19 Mar 2013
    Ref: 23/2013
    Energy dialogue, youth unemployment and the EU's outermost regions at the EESC At its upcoming plenary session on 20-21 March, the European Economic and Social Committee will host a debate with Günther Oettinger, EU Commissioner for Energy, on the occasion of the adoption of an opinion on public involvement in energy policy. Another highlight of the session will be a discussion with Ramón Luis Valcárcel Siso, President of the Committee of the Regions, who will present his views on the role that EU regions should play in European economic governance.
  • News Item 19 Dec 2012
    André Mordant and Joël Decaillon
    A European energy community: rights and solidarity Extraordinary meeting of the Workers' Group
  • Press Release Item 17 Dec 2012
    Ref: 081 2012
    EESC in favour of a more integrated and cost-effective renewable energy strategy National subsidies intended to support the market roll out of renewable energies have led to high costs and partly wrong price signals. In order to achieve the EU's 2050 climate objectives they should be replaced by EU-wide targeted measures tailored to each renewable technology, in conjunction with an EU CO2 reduction target after 2020 said the European Economic and Social Committee in its opinion adopted at the plenary session today. "The EU-wide subsidies that we are calling for should be limited in time, until renewable technologies become competitive", said Ulla Sirkeinen (Employers' Group, Finland), rapporteur for the opinion.
  • Publication Item
    Published In: 2012
    12 pages
    Towards a European energy community
    Joint responses to energy challenges through a European Energy Community. Joint Declaration.
  • Speech Item 27 Nov 2012 Organisation: EESC, Speaker: Staffan Nilsson
    Energy for all: the European Union's role and action? How to help the most vulnerable face rising energy costs? I am very pleased that ELISAN and the European Economic and Social Committee have decided to work together to host an event on energy poverty, as this is a very topical issue which is not only high on the list of citizens' concerns, but in some parts of Europe also an issue for energy retail companies. Today's event is linked to the EESC's long-standing efforts to address people's specific energy challenges and develop an energy policy that is genuinely geared to citizens' needs.
  • Event Page

    EESC, Brussels, Belgium

    Public meeting of the Sustainable Development Observatory. The road from Rio is as important as the road to Rio. Coming back from Rio the EESC wants to take Rio home and contribute to the implementation of Rio results and discussions, in particular in the European Union.

  • Press Release Item 22 Jun 2012
    Ref: 041 2012
    Energy research meets civil society to discuss low-carbon Europe A lack of communication between the world of research and civil society on the benefits and drawbacks of low-carbon technologies is affecting the wider understanding and endorsement of these technologies by European citizens. This is one of the findings of this week's EUSEW (EU Sustainable Energy Week) event co-organised by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) and the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA). Up for discussion were geothermal energy, energy storage, carbon capture and storage (CCS) and nuclear research across the EU.
  • Event Page

    Conference - EESC, Brussels, Belgium
    On 2 May 2012, Group III organised a conference at the EESC in Brussels entitled 'Think Green: The Opportunities of Sustainable Development and the Green Economy'. Within the general context of the forthcoming Rio + 20 UN conference on sustainable development in June 2012, the objective of the Group III event was twofold. Firstly, to provide a historical overview of the debate on sustainable development, to analyse current challenges, future opportunities and possible solutions. Secondly, to exchange views on best practices among existing civil society projects promoting the green economy. The conference also provided the opportunity to raise the visibility of the EESC opinions and work of the Committee at large, on the topic of sustainable development. The conference brought together approximately 180 participants, including Group III members and wider civil society representatives.
  • News Item 28 Feb 2012 28 February 2012 - Group II extraordinary meeting - Anti-crisis measures and the social situation - A low-carbon industrial policy 28 February 2012 - Brussels - Group II extraordinary meeting