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  • News Item 11 Oct 2016
    EESC supports local actors on climate change:"It's the people who will translate the Paris agreement into action"

    "Just get to do it" says Rob Hopkins, the co-founder of the Transition network while showing impressive examples of peoples' initiatives which are making their environment greener and their societies more resilient. The transition movement already exists in over ..

  • Publication Item
    Published In: 2016
    4 pages
    The EESC - The Voice of the European Civil Society at COP21

    This brochure was prepared by EESC for the COP21. The EESC wanted COP21 to be a major milestone to place the international community on the right track to limit global warming to a below 2°C compared to preindustrial levels, while developing appropriate tools to face the adverse effects of climate disruptions.

  • News Item 17 Dec 2014
    EMAS environmental certification renewed in 2014

    The EESC has received EMAS certification for the fourth year in succession. EMAS certification - Environmental Management and Audit Scheme - assesses the environmental impact of the EESC's buildings and members of staff.

  • Publication Item
    Published In: 2013
    2 pages
    The challenge of climate change - EESC Position paper
    "The international climate change negotiations should be a forum in which countries encourage each other forwards, not hold each other back." Lutz Ribbe, President, EESC Sustainable Development Observatory
  • Publication Item
    Published In: 2013
    6 pages
    Investment in Improving the Environment and Remediation of Environmental Damage
    Comparative Study of Different Measures Funded through the Use of Economic Environmental Instruments
  • Document Item 2 May 2012 Think Green! The Opportunities of Sustainable Development and of the Green Economy Conference organised by the Various Interests Group of the EESC, Brussels
  • News Item 19 Dec 2012
    André Mordant and Joël Decaillon
    A European energy community: rights and solidarity Extraordinary meeting of the Workers' Group
  • Event Page

    Public Hearing - Brussels, EESC, JDE 62 meeting room, Belgium
    The European Economic and Social Committee is following up on its engagement to "bring Rio home". On 18 December the EESC organised together with the European Commission a public hearing in order to enhance the impact of the Commission's ongoing consultation on the EU follow-up to Rio+20 by giving civil society representatives the opportunity to discuss statements related to the questions raised in the consultation.
  • Publication Item
    Published In: 2012
    4 pages
    EESC messages for Rio+20
    Based on an intensive civil society dialogue the EESC contributed to establishing the EU's position on Rio+20. In February 2012, the major EESC conference Go sustainable, be responsible! European civil society on the road to Rio+20, sent out a list of messages to take on board at Rio+20 and called on our political leaders to step up their efforts to arrive to an ambitious outcome at the UN conference.
  • Event Page
    Conference - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    In our view the Rio+20 Conference has to result in viable political commitments that place sustainable development at the centre of global policy making. Civil society plays a vital role in pushing for and living up to such political commitments by enabling participation from the ground up and securing ownership.

Results 1 to 10 out of 13.