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Staffan Nilsson's Comment (former EESC President 2010-2013)

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Statement on the Irish Referendum

4 Jun 2012 By: Staffan Nilson 0 Posts

I welcome the outcome of the Irish Referendum. I congratulate the European Irish citizens who have shown their sense of responsibility with a strong and clear majority and that they still keep the faith in the European project.

European leaders must now show the necessary courage and build on citizens' trust by ensuring recovery, stability and investment for a Europe which works.

It is time to understand for all 27 member states that we are together and that we need to still keep together and that this is for all 27.

The EESC has made a proposal for a European Growth Pact, co-financed by Eurobonds in order to boost investments. We must have smart, green and sustainable growth to restore employment, not least among young people, cut debt, and regenerate confidence and hope in the future of the EU.

Let's look ahead, build on the achievements of European integration, and let us live up to the trust and expectations of the Irish citizens and of all European citizens, who have put their faith in a Europe which can deliver results.

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