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  • Published In: 2017
    16 pages
    The European Economic and Social Committee's contribution to the Commission's 2018 work programme

    The EESC adopted its contribution to the European Commission's 2018 Work Programme on 5 July 2017. In this contribution, the EESC calls on the Commission to adopt sustainable development as an overarching approach to its work programme, with reference to the three "pillars" of sustainability: i) strengthening the economic foundations of Europe; ii) fostering its social dimension; and iii) facilitating the transition towards a low-carbon and circular economy. To that end, the EESC makes detailed recommendations and proposals for action structured around six priority policy areas: further development of the single market; promotion of entrepreneurship, innovation and industrial development; the social dimension of the EU; focusing public finances on sustainable growth, innovation, employment and cohesion; protecting Europeans against security threats; and the development of a structured civil dialogue.

  • Published In: 2017
    124 pages
    European Pillar of Social Rights - EESC Debates with organised Civil Society in the Member States

    The EESC organised debates with organised civil society in all Member States between 2 September and 2 November 2016. The debates were coordinated by three EESC members ('trios') from the country concerned, often in co-operation with the European Commission (15 debates) or the national Economic and Social Council (7 debates).

  • Published In: 2017
    20 pages
    How Civil Society Organisations Assist Refugees and Migrants in the EU

    Successful experiences and promising practices from the 2016 EESC Civil Society Prize

  • Published In: 2017
    2 pages
    Break barriers together for autism - Let’s build an accessible society - Easy to read

    This publication is part of a series of catalogues published in the context of the exhibitions organized by the EESC.

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  • Published In: 2017
    6 pages
    Break barriers together for autism - Let’s build an accessible society

    This publication is part of a series of catalogues published in the context of the exhibitions organized by the EESC.

  • Published In: 2016
    12 pages
    EESC Civil Society Prize 2016 - Migration

    Migration has been a key issue in European affairs and media throughout 2016. Civil society has played a major role in supporting public authorities, which otherwise would have been unable to cope with the sheer number of migrants and refugees reaching Europe.

  • Published In: 2016
    4 pages
    EESC position on migration - Position paper – December 2016

    Civil society has played a vital role in contributing to a more humane migration crisis management. Without the response of various NGOs, charities and individuals, the tragic humanitarian situation which has unfolded in many European countries could have been much worse. The EESC position on migration …

  • Published In: 2016
    17 pages
    European Economic and Social Committee contribution to the European Commission’s 2017 Work Programme

    Representatives of European organised civil society have put forward their proposals as part of the preparation by the Commission of its 2017 Work Programme. While regretting the result of UK citizens' vote to leave the EU, the EESC asks for a rapid  start to the negotiations with the UK in order to respond to the present uncertainty about the future of the EU and it demands to be fully involved in the negotiation process with the UK. Taking account of these events and of the public perception in several other Member States towards the European project, the EESC considers that the European Commission must work to restore a spirit of solidarity and responsibility, and regain public support. The Committee has identified three strategic political priorities around which the Commission should focus its 2017 Work Programme, namely strengthening the economic and social cohesion of the EU, the EU's global role and citizens' ownership of the EU.

  • Published In: 2016
    32 pages
    Your Europe Your Say 2016 - Report

    On 17-18 March 2016, students from schools in all 28 EU Member States and, for the first time, from the 5 EU candidate countries (Albania, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Turkey) met at the EESC in Brussels for Your Europe, Your Say!. They came to debate an issue that has been one of the most important topics on the European political agenda for some time: migration and integration. The key question for this year’s event was “How can we better integrate migrants and refugees in our societies?”.


    In a series of talks, workshops and social events, the 99 students and 33 teachers learned about the issues surrounding migration, shared their own experiences and ideas, and came up with some proposals to tackle the current challenges faced by Europe.

  • Published In: 2014
    110 pages
    Implementation of EU policies for youth employment: a civil society perspective - Reports on missions to Greece, Croatia, Italy, Austria, Slovakia and Finland

    The Observatory is carrying out a study on the implementation of EU policies for youth employment in a selection of six Member States: Austria, Croatia, Finland, Greece, Italy and Slovakia, seen from a civil society perspective.

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