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  • Conference - European Court of Auditors, 5 rue Erasme, 1615 City of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

    On 4 November in Luxemburg, the EESC and the ESC of Luxembourg will hold a joint conference on "Common social values and principles & social governance". The event's aim is to have key social deliberations endorsed by the Commission and the Luxemburg Presidency: the EESC opinion on "Principles for effective and reliable welfare provision systems", an academic contribution on "Common social values in the EU" and the ESO study "Socializing the European Semester? Economic Governance and Social Policy Coordination in Europe 2020".

  • Conference - European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), VMA building, room VMA 3, 2 rue van Maerlant, 1040 Brussels, Belgium

    The conference will focus on the employment of refugees and other beneficiaries of international protection. Having a job will ease social integration, diminish reliance on social benefits and increase the possibility to find decent housing. Employed refugees will contribute to the social security system and their increased spending on consumer goods will be beneficial to the economy as a whole. Over time, this can help European countries to address demographic decline, ageing populations and shortages on the labour market, which will benefit both the refugees' concerned and the host societies.

  • Conference - European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), VMA building, room VMA 3, 2 rue van Maerlant, 1040 Brussels, Belgium

    With the SOC Section's support, EAPN will present its assessment of the 2015 NRPs and debate with 150 stakeholders two key questions:

    - What needs to be done to ensure that the European Semester delivers on its Europe 2020 commitments to reduce poverty and promote participation?

    - How to help the EU move forward on a social, sustainable and democratic strategy that could give hope and restore faith in the EU?

    Speakers: Commissioner Thyssen, Outi Slotboom (DG ECFIN), Raquel Lucas (Commissioner Dombrovskis Cabinet), Sergio Prieto (MEP) and Tom Dominique (SPC Chair).

  • Assessing the impact of the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities' concluding observations
    Conference - Thessaloniki, Greece

    On 10 September 2015, the EESC's Ad Hoc Group on Disability will hold a conference in Thessaloniki to assess the impact of the concluding observations of the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

  • Labour Market Observatory (LMO) - Permanent Study Group on Immigration and Integration (IMI) conference
    Conference - JDE 62, Rue Belliard 99, Brussels, Belgium

    This event was dedicated to the integration of legal migrants in the labour market (third-countries nationals coming to the EU for family reunification, work or study).

  • Public Hearing - Brussels, Belgium

    The purpose of this hearing is to set out principles for effective and reliable social benefit systems in Europe.

    Invited to discuss these topics are the European Commission, the Social Protection Committee, the European social partners, representatives of welfare and social organisations and researchers.

  • Conference - European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), VMA building, room VMA 3, 2 rue van Maerlant, 1040 Brussels, Belgium

    This high-level conference, jointly organised by the LMO and the European Parliament (MEP Jean Arthuis, Chair of the BUDG Committee) was dedicated to the topic of apprenticeships and the mobility of apprentices.

  • A practical perception of organised civil society
    Public Hearing - Brussels, Belgium

    On 13 April 2015, the EESC held a hearing to gather information and views on the role of non-formal and informal learning as a means to enhance employability and mobility. Furthermore, it examined how employers, trade unions and civil society organisations could be more involved in the validation process.

  • Labour Market Observatory conference
    Conference - Florijana Andrašeca 18A/VI, Zagreb, Croatia

    This event was dedicated to tackling long-term unemployment, one of the most urgent challenges that Europe faces today. The aim was to look into what good practices are already in place and what further measures are necessary to tackle this problem and to provide opportunities for those most at risk of social exclusion. The presentations and discussions focused on the situation at both EU and national level.

  • Poster Sport and European Values
    Public Hearing - Brussels, Belgium

    The public hearing will explore how sport can strengthen European values such as mutual respect, social integration and equality between men and women. Examples of initiatives, which use sport to bridge differences and foster a sense of community will be presented. The aim of the hearing is to draw lessons from such initiatives and suggest new ways to make sport a vehicle for integration in Europe.


Results 21 to 30 out of 147.