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  • 4 Feb 2016
    The new EU strategy on foreign and security policy Ongoing References: REX/463 Own-initiative Rapporteur: José María Zufiaur Narvaiza (Workers - GR II / Spain)
  • 1 Feb 2016
    Review of the European Neighbourhood Policy Ongoing References: REX/458 Rapporteur: Andrzej Adamczyk (Workers - GR II / Poland) Co-rapporteur: Gintaras Morkis (Employers - GR I / Lithuania)
  • 19 Jan 2016
    Decent work in global supply chains Ongoing References: REX/462 Rapporteur: Ms Emmanuelle Butaud-Stubbs (Employers - GR I / France)

    The opinion will serve as a contribution by the EESC to the general discussion on decent work in global supply chains (GSCs) planned for the June 2016 International Labour Conference of the International Labour Organisation in Geneva. It will also contribute to the EU debate. The current EU Dutch Presidency (the first semester of 2016), as well as the European Commission (in the EU trade and investment strategy "Trade for all") put an emphasis on responsible management of GSCs, which includes respect for human rights, labour and environmental standards.

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  • 7 Jan 2016
    The external dimension of the EU's energy policy Ongoing References: REX/459 Exploratory Opinion Rapporteur: Mr Vitas MACIULIS (Various interests - GR III / Lithuania)

    The EESC already produced an opinion on the same topic in January 2009 (see 'Related EESC Opinions'), but the geo-political developments over the past 7 years (Arab spring, increased tensions with Russia over the Eastern Partnership, crises in the Middle East, fluctuating oil prices) and other economic and technical factors (level of oil prices, new LNG terminals, debate around fracking, etc.) suggest a revision of this opinion.

  • 10 Dec 2015
    EU Action Plan against migrant smuggling (2015-2020) Adopted References: REX/452 EESC-2015 Referral - Rapporteur: Ms Brenda King (Employers - GR I / United Kingdom) Plenary Session: 512 - 9 Dec 2015 - 10 Dec 2015 (Summary Plenary Session)

    The EESC welcomes the stated aims of the EU Action Plan against migrant smuggling , namely "to counter and prevent migrant smuggling, while ensuring the protection of human rights of migrants" and "to address the root causes of irregular migration", and supports the Action Plan's efforts to disrupt organised criminal networks through intelligence-led and financial investigations, to put an end to money laundering and to confiscate the assets of illicit activities. However it strongly recommends that the plan adopts a more balanced and comprehensive approach by detailing how the EU will protect and assist those who are smuggled.

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  • 7 Dec 2015
    Establishing a european list of safe countries of origin Adopted References: REX/457 EESC-2015-5379 Referral - Rapporteur: Mr José Antonio MORENO DIAZ (Workers - GR II / Spain) Plenary Session: 512 - 9 Dec 2015 - 10 Dec 2015 (Summary Plenary Session)

    The European Commission presented a comprehensive European Agenda on Migration on 13 May 2015, outlining, in addition to the immediate measures proposed shortly thereafter by the Commission to respond to the crisis situation in the Mediterranean, further initiatives that need to be taken to provide structural solutions for better managing migration in all its aspects.

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  • 13 Nov 2015
    EU Enlargement Strategy Ongoing References: REX/453 Referral Rapporteur: Ionuț Sibian (Various interests - GR III / Romania)
  • 15 Oct 2015
    Future of the EU's relations with the ACP Group of countries and a successor to the Cotonou Partnership Agreement (Green Paper) Ongoing References: REX/455 Referral Rapporteur: Ms Brenda King (Employers - GR I / United Kingdom)

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  • 7 Oct 2015
    The situation of women in the Euro-Mediterranean region Adopted References: REX/448 Rapporteur: Ms Grace ATTARD (Various interests - GR III / Malta)

    This report is the result of the commitment of the EESC Euromed Follow-Up Committee to women issues in the region.

    The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) is fully aware of the varying circumstances in different countries in the Mediterranean region. It is particularly aware of the conflict and instability affecting many southern Mediterranean countries. The EESC calls on the European Commission (EC) and governments of the countries of the Euro-Mediterranean region to develop shared solutions to these challenges – including poverty, economic challenges, conflict and terrorism – which are resulting in unacceptable suffering, especially among women.

    The central role that women play in the process of democratisation during transitional periods, when drafting national constitutions and when reforming current laws must be safeguarded and sustained through good governance in order to prevent setbacks in gender equality.

  • 17 Sep 2015
    Corporate social and societal responsibility Adopted References: REX/443 Rapporteur: Ms Evelyne Pichenot (Various interests - GR III / France) Plenary Session: 510 - 16 Sep 2015 - 17 Sep 2015

    The Information Report can serve as a tool to promote and share the rich experience of the EU and its Member States in the area of CSR with partner countries and their civil society. It can provide a basis for discussion in EESC dialogues with partner countries, as well as the Committee's contribution to the work of the monitoring mechanisms established by the recently negotiated EU trade agreements.

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Results 1 to 10 out of 124.

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  • Published In: 2015
    8 pages
    The Eastern Partnership - we mean business

    The European Economic and Social Committee has been an ardent supporter of the Eastern Partnership from the very outset and the EESC's Employers' Group has continually emphasised the need to strengthen the partnership's economic dimension. An appropriate tool was needed to enable the representatives of employers, entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises from the EU and its partner countries to meet and openly assess the process of convergence with the European acquis and its impact on the economic situation. This publication gathers the contributions from the organisers and strategic partners of the 3rd Eastern Partnership Business Forum, that took place in May 2015 in Riga, Latvia.

  • Published In: 2015
    4 pages
    The impact of TTIP in Malta: benefits and challenges - Summary of the debate that took place in Malta on the 9 March 2015

    The business sector in Europe believes a deep and comprehensive Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) can further enhance this economic relationship and ensure that everyone enjoys the benefits of trade and investment ties more fully.

    The document is a summary of the discussion on the Impact of the TTIP in Malta, which took place in Valletta, Malta on 9 March 2015. The meeting was organised together with the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry.

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