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Undeclared work in Europe undermines the European ideals of the rule of law, security, solidarity, social and fiscal justice, free market competition and the free movement of workers. Therefore, the setting up of a European Platform to combat irregular employment must be welcomed. The elimination of undeclared work in Europe would be a great achievement.

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  • Published In: 2012
    36 pages
    The priorities of the European Economic and Social Committee during the Danish Presidency
    The Council of the European Union brings together ministerial representatives of the governments of the EU Member States, meeting in various formations according to the policy area under discussion. The Council’s legislative and political decisions are prepared by a large number of specialised working parties and are fed upwards through the Permanent Representatives Committee to the Council itself. Member State governments in turn chair the Council’s various meetings and represent the Council vis-à-vis the EU’s other institutions and the European Union vis-à-vis the larger world. These presidencies of the Council of the European Union traditionally establish a set of broad political priorities and a work programme. The Kingdom of Denmark holds the Presidency for the first half of 2012. Its priorities can be found at http://EU2012.dk This publication sets out some of the major activities of the European Economic and Social Committee during the period of the Danish Presidency from January to June 2012.
  • Published In: 2011
    6 pages
    Rewarding excellence in civil society initiatives
    EESC Civil Society Prize 2011 The Civil Society Prize is first of all a symbol, highlighting the excellence of initiatives generated by civil society players in Europe. We celebrate the achievements of civil society organisations which have had the ingenuity to develop projects that have had a positive impact on Europeans’ lives, and have significantly contributed to promoting European identity and integration. This has been our overall aim with the Civil Society Prize ever since its creation.
  • Published In: 2011
    80 pages
    The European Cycling Lexicon
    An illustrated passport-sized booklet, containing key terms for cycling, different types of bikes for different mobility needs, and good cycling infrastructure in all 23 official EU languages.
  • Cover Services of general interest
    Published In: 2011
    6 pages
    Services of General Interest
    Services of general interest (SGI), whether they be economic or non-economic, meet basic needs and play a key role in promoting the social and territorial cohesion of the Union. Many network industries (gas, electricity, transport, postal services, telecommunications, etc.) which manage infrastructure with a transnational character provide services of general interest, which require special attention.
  • Published In: 2011
    2 pages
    Demographic change: a challenge and an opportunity - EESC Position Paper
    ”Let’s not talk about the formal retirement age. What is important is the value we attach to the time we spend at work. In a truly inclusive labour market with high quality work, people will want to – and will be able to – stay active longer. Satisfied people are more productive and this should be fully recognised as a key factor for growth.” Leila Kurki, President of the EESC’s Employment, Social Affairs and Citizenship Section
  • Published In: 2011
    6 pages
    Information society
    The TEN section’s work relating to the Information Society focuses on the implications of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for society at large and on their potential to harness the digital economy to stimulate growth and increase Europeans’ living standards.
  • Published In: 2011
    8 pages
    The European Union Budget
    "Future EU spending should be fair and well targeted: money should be spent on policies and projects that really benefit EU citizens, and gain extra value from being implemented at a wider European level." Staffan NILSSON, President of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC)
  • Published In: 2011
    2 pages
    Rio+20: a milestone on the road to sustainable development - EESC Position Paper
    ”The European Economic and Social Committee’s adoption of three related opinions at the same time – on Rio+20, resource efficiency, and a low-carbon economy – highlights the unique, cross-cutting role of sustainable development as a policy area. It is not merely about environmental issues. It aims at making the best possible use of our limited global resources by coordinating environmental, economic and social policies.” Mario Campli, President of the EESC’s Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment Section
  • Published In: 2011
    7 pages
    2011 European Design Award for a Sustainable Present
    The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) has organised the second edition of a competition to design an innovative, sustainable and creative design product, including packaging, with a strong civil society message. The European Commission Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry and CUMULUS (International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media) joined forces to increasing the communication impact and enhancing European institutions involvement in sustainable design practices and innovation. The winning object will be distributed during 2012/13, European Year of Active Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity.
  • Published In: 2011
    2 pages
    There is no single solution for solving the EU’s wide range of energy problems. Europe’s future energy mix will have to take into account the diversity of energy sources as well as the specific challenges on the ground.

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