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Financial Education for all

Published In: 2016 68 pages

Financial education strategies and best practices within the European Union.

This brochure has been produced as a complement to an own-initiative opinion of the European Economic and Social Committee on Financial education and responsible consumption of financial products adopted on 14 July 2011, to help disseminate best practice in financial education. This is the updated – 2016 – edition.

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  • Published In: 2014
    20 pages
    Your Europe Your Say! - Final Report and Evaluation

    The 2014 edition of the Your Europe, Your Say event by the European Economic and Social Committee brought groups of 16 and 17 year-olds from all 28 Member States to Brussels. Their main objective was to set five priorities for what Europe should do to become a better place and be more relevant to its citizens.

  • Published In: 2014
    6 pages
    Social Enterprise - Make it happen !

    Throughout a substantial number of opinions, the Strasbourg event, and the Social Entrepreneurship project, the EESC is actively involved in the Social Entrepreneurship field. As a result of this project currently undertaken by the EESC, policy directions and concrete actions will be forwarded to the new Commission and Parliament at the fall of 2014.

  • Published In: 2014
    20 pages
    An Action Plan for Europe

    At its 498th plenary session, the EESC adopted its "Action Plan for Europe" (142 votes in favour, 96 against and 12 abstentions). The tangible steps and proposals contained in the action plan are based on three pillars which address the shortcomings of the European Union as it currently operates: an economic Union, a social Union, and a democratic and civic Union.

  • Published In: 2014
    28 pages
    Report - The workings of the Services Directive in the construction sector

    The pilot study on "The workings of the Services Directive in the construction sector" carried out by the Single Market Observatory (SMO) of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) was presented at the EESC Plenary on 30 April 2014.

    The report in all languages, a short video presentation by Mr Siecker, president of the Section for the Single Market, Production and Consumption (INT), the preliminary evaluation of the replies to the questionnaire and the staff working paper are available on our website:

  • Published In: 2014
    12 pages
    Literature Lunches 2014

    The European Economic and Social Committee will be welcoming four European writers from Greece, Belgium and Bulgaria with two points in common: their passion for travelling and a strong interest in culture, arts and social change.

    After each reading the writers will be glad to answer all your questions and, weather permitting, the literary lunches will take place from 12.30 until 2 p.m. on the terrace of the Jacques Delors building, where you are invited to enjoy a lunch.

  • Published In: 2014
    7 pages
    Public Transport Authority – a key factor leading to transport sustainability. Lessons learnt, impacts, and commitments

    On 28 May, the EPTA project team will hold its final conference entitled “Public Transport Authority – a key factor leading to transport sustainability. Lessons learnt, impacts, and commitments“. The conference will be co-organized with the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC). The programme includes a morning session focusing on experience and lessons from the work during the EPTA project and from participating EPTA cities. In the afternoon session, speakers from the European institutions will present current legislative instruments and policies. The EESC Rapporteurs, Mr Edgardo Iozia and Mr André Mordant will respectively present the EESC's work on Urban mobility and the 4th Railway package.

  • Published In: 2014
    24 pages
    Boris Christoff - The memorable bass

    The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) is extremely honoured to be celebrating the centenary of the birth of the renowned Bulgarian opera singer, Boris Christoff, in association with Bulgaria’s Minister of Culture, the Permanent Representation of the Republic of Bulgaria to the European Union and UNESCO.
    Boris Christoff is widely considered to be one of the 20th century’s greatest basses and one of its most intense and moving voices. Born in Bulgaria, he embarked on a career in law before entering the world of opera. He found success in Italy and was a true European, who witnessed some of Europe’s darkest moments.
    The EESC is keen to play a part in keeping alive and promoting the memory of luminaries from European civil society and figures who have marked Europe’s cultural life, by making people aware of their life and work. In this case, in view of Boris Christoff’s talent and presence and the universal power of music, this undertaking will undoubtedly be crowned with success.



  • Published In: 2014
    24 pages
    The Aegean islands - at the dawn of the 20th century by Marco Pizzo

    This publication is part of a series of catalogues published in the context of the exhibitions organized by the EESC.

  • Published In: 2014
    8 pages
    A new global partnership - European Civil Society Positions on the Post-2015 Framework - Conference conclusions

    On 13 and 14 February 2014, over 150 civil society representatives gathered at the EESC to discuss their positions on a global Post-2015 framework for sustainable development. Participants from local, regional and national authorities, EU and UN level policy-makers, social partners, environment, development, human rights, agriculture and consumer organisations; industry, business and academia brought a wealth of perspectives into the debate. This summary of key points, prepared by the Conference organisers, will be brought to the attention of EU decision-makers in order to contribute to the formulation of a strong EU negotiating position on the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Agenda.

  • Published In: 2014
    32 pages
    Greece outside Greece - Out of time beauty

    Mr Santucci's pictures portray the masterpieces of Greek art, which are kept in several Italian museums and the Valley of the Temples. In this valley close to Agrigento, the master architects of Great Greece built a splendid example of their power to re-create the grandeur of Athens throughout the world. Their ideals of beauty, harmony and balance have moved generations and influenced contemporary artists such as the sculptor Igor Mitoraj, who has created an art installation of Greek masterpieces, placing them close to the valley's archaeological remains. This exhibition seeks to demonstrate the magical link between past and present, and to share part of Greece's heritage through the powerful images.

Results 131 to 140 out of 343.