In this booklet we briefly showcase how EESC members’ expertise makes a difference in each of the main policy EU areas it covers: economic, social, environmental and international. Committee members have reached out to young people in both schools and universities, listening to their views and harnessing their enthusiasm. The EESC has brought together people from all sectors of society to promote solidarity and thrash out solutions to the economic crisis, including innovative responses such as social entrepreneurship. It has encouraged high standards in business and stronger partnerships between politicians, industry and communities.

Overall, the EESC is working to strengthen dialogue and active citizenship, and to make Europe a better place to live. And the fact that every step is taken in consultation with organised civil society gives the Committee – and therefore the EU – an even greater democratic legitimacy.

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  • Published In: 2014
    12 pages
    Europe 2020 strategy - Involvement of the EESC

    Since its launch in 2010 the Europe 2020 Steering Committee has worked on all the main aspects of the Europe 2020 strategy. This publication outlines its main positions on seven flagships.

  • Published In: 2013
    98 pages
    Europe 2020 Strategy - European Semester 2012
    Europe 2020 Steering Committee. Contributions from Economic and Social Councils and similar institutions from EU Member States.
  • Published In: 2013
    24 pages
    Report on the SOC strategy 2010-2013
    Some of the results achieved by the SOC section are presented in this leaflet, with a specific focus on consultative work (including exploratory and own-initiative opinions) and events organised by the Committee.
  • Published In: 2012

    Step up for a Stronger Europe 30 Proposals for stepping-up Europe 2020
    On 25 September 2012, the European Economic and Social Committee held a major civil society stakeholders’ conference, “Step up for a Stronger Europe”, which hosted a constructive debate on the Compact for growth and jobs and on the levers of Europe 2020 strategy.
  • Published In: 2012
    100 pages
    Europe 2020 strategy - The first European semester from a civil society perspective
    Europe 2020 strategy - The first European semester from a civil society perspective. Integrated report.
  • Published In: 2011
    2 pages
    Rio+20: a milestone on the road to sustainable development - EESC Position Paper
    ”The European Economic and Social Committee’s adoption of three related opinions at the same time – on Rio+20, resource efficiency, and a low-carbon economy – highlights the unique, cross-cutting role of sustainable development as a policy area. It is not merely about environmental issues. It aims at making the best possible use of our limited global resources by coordinating environmental, economic and social policies.” Mario Campli, President of the EESC’s Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment Section
  • Published In: 2011
    2 pages
    Europe 2020 and employment for young people - EESC Position Paper
    The European Economic and Social Committee has thrown its weight behind the European Union’s efforts to help young people find their way into work. Youth unemployment is a tragic waste of potential, which not only undermines economic growth but could also have serious consequences for social cohesion in the future.
  • Cover
    Published In: 2009
    6 pages
    "Lisbon Strategy Observatory"
    In July 2008, the EESC created the Lisbon Strategy Observatory to step up stakeholder involvement in the Lisbon process. Civil society plays a key role in the preparation, implementation and assessment of the Lisbon reforms.
  • brochure_industrie_reseaux_en.jpg
    Published In: 2006
    200 pages
    "Reforming network industries: experiences in Europe and Belgium"
    "Reforming network industries: experiences in Europe and Belgium"