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Protection of children against sexual abuse

Public Hearing - EESC, Brussels, Belgium


The EESC is organising a public hearing on Preventive measures for the protection of children against sexual abuse. The aim of the hearing is to present and disseminate concrete examples of initiatives, campaigns and actions conducted by various international institutions and civil society organisations in this field.

The conclusions of the hearing will feed directly into the work of the study group that drafts the EESC opinion and into a concise compendium of examples of best practice that the EESC intends to publish.

Invitation to send best practice examples

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) is currently drawing up an opinion on Preventive measures for the protection of children against sexual abuse. The Committee intends to publish a collection of the responses alongside the opinion to illustrate the activities and good practice carried out in different Member States.

We would like to invite civil society organisations and state agencies that deal with the sexual abuse of children to fill in the questionnaire. Please keep it short and give a website as reference for further reading. You can write your text in any EU language.

We hope that circulating information about activities and experiences in the EU will encourage civil society to take action, build expertise and create new links between stakeholders. Your contribution would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance!