EESC and Hungarian National Economic and Social Council to draft joint report on common values

6 Nov 2013
Ref: 69/2013

During his visit to Budapest on 5 November 2013, Henri Malosse, president of the European Economic and Social Committee and his delegation met the president, Róbert Szendrei, and executives from the various strands of the Hungarian National Economic and Social Council.

The two presidents stressed the importance of closer cooperation between their institutions. They want to see a more common-sense approach to decision-making processes by raising the profile of the Hungarian Council's tangible proposals vis-à-vis both national and European public authorities.

The presidents concluded that ethics, Roma integration, rural development and territorial cohesion are the fundamental areas where the two sides could work more closely together. Mr Malosse is very keen to move these issues higher up the European agenda and, in a bid to boost cooperation on this front, he has invited the president of the Hungarian Council to further negotiations in Brussels and offered to work with him to draft a report on practical common values.


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