Pensions and youth employment: EESC seeks a delicate balance

13 Jul 2012
Ref: 049 2012

On Thursday 12 July, the European Economic and Social Committee adopted two opinions on sensitive topics that are at the heart of the debate across Europe: the future of the pension systems and employment for young people. In both cases, the Committee reached a compromise solution and thus established its position for the future debate on two issues that are so vital to the idea of social Europe.

The EESC opinion on the European Commission's White Paper for adequate, safe and sustainable pensions, drafted by rapporteur Petru Dandea (Workers' Group, Romania) together with co-rapporteur Krzysztof Pater (Various' Interests Group, Poland), considers carefully the range of proposals set out in the Commission document on how Member States can reform their pension systems. This is a particularly sensitive issue, and ties in closely with growth and employment policies.