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EESC info is a newsletter published nine times a year during EESC plenary session. It will keep you up to date on developments, policy initiatives and events in the European Economic and Social Committee.

EESC info is not the official record of the Committee's work, which appears in the Official Journal of the European Union.

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  • Issue Date: September 2015
    EESC info September 2015

    IN THIS ISSUE: European Committees raise alarm on asbestos, Europe's silent killer;  Luxembourg Presidency kicks off at the EESC plenary; Is change still possible in Europe? – President Malosse launches the debate on Europe's reform; "Europe in Harmony" - a musical dialogue on Europe.

  • Issue Date: July 2015
    EESC info July 2015

    IN THIS ISSUE:  'Europe in harmony' - Top three winners selected in EESC video challenge; The Luxembourg presidency : "Genuinely listening to civil society is a prerequisite for a more vibrant European democracy"; Migration: European solidarity stress test; Agricultural trade and global food security.

  • Issue Date: May 2015
    EESC info May 2015

    IN THIS ISSUE:  YEYS: "Young people want to make their voices heard"; Spring of Optimism at the EESC; The EESC urges the Commission to establish a European Energy Dialogue; The EESC listens to stakeholders on the social dimension of the civil aviation industry

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