Older People

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The 2012 European Year of Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations was a very good framework for raising awareness of the contribution made by older people to society.

The EESC on older people

In 2012, the EESC organised a series of public hearings to bring representatives of employers, trade unions and non-governmental organisations into the discussion on how to respond to the needs of older people, address challenges created by the ageing of the European population and value older people's contribution to society.

Topics addressed include: acknowledging the ageing of the EU population and changing the image of age, growing old in good health, recognising the contributions of older people, improving the working conditions of older workers, promoting intergenerational solidarity in the labour market, in the workplace and in society, improving lifelong learning for senior citizens, making technologies work for active and healthy ageing, and ensuring adequate, safe and sustainable pensions.

Now that the EU Year is over, the EESC is making sure that the actions initiated in 2012 are linked to those of the previous, current and forthcoming European Years (Poverty, Volunteering, Citizenship, etc.).

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