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  • Brussels, Belgium
    With the backing of the EESC, seventy European rural organisations will gather at the first European Rural Parliament in order to place issues of rural communities on the agenda of the European Union and to make an impact on the policies shaping their lives. The European Rural Parliament will be held on 13 November 2013, from 09.00 AM to 17.00 PM in Brussels, at the European Economic and Social Committee.

  • EESC, JDE 52, Brussels, Belgium
    On 6 May 2013 the Commission has set up an action plan to promote the creation of green infrastructure. Green infrastructure makes use of existing natural, semi-natural and urban landscape features, thus contributing to the maintenance of biodiversity and other aspects of the environment, while providing cheaper, more durable services to society. The conference is co-organised by the EESC, the CoR and the Commission in order to raise political awareness to this topic.

  • SDO debate, 14:30 - 17:00
    Brussels, Belgium
    A special session in the framework of the Sustainable Development Observatory meeting has analysed case studies from renewable energy initiatives in Denmark, Poland and Germany. Points on the agenda: - drawing best practices - identifying success factors and obstacles; - highlighting the role of civil society in the transition process. Presentations are now available online here.

  • Public hearing
    Brussels, EESC, JDE 63, Belgium
    Experts from OECD, the European Commission, Think-Tanks and NGOs will discuss the strength and weaknesses of existing economic instruments including environmental fiscal reform, the phasing-out of environmentally harmful subsidies, the EU emissions trading system and measures to support sustainable long-term investment.

  • Public Hearing - Murcia, Spain
    On 12 September, the European Economic and Social Committee will be holding a public hearing on European aquaculture, organised in cooperation with the Spanish region of Murcia. The hearing, which will take place in Murcia, is being held in connection with the preparation of an opinion on the sustainable development of aquaculture in Europe and follows the adoption of a Communication on this subject by the European Commission.

  • Public Hearing - EESC, JDE 62, Brussels, Belgium
    Civil society needs a forum for public debate on future international climate change policies. The Sustainable Development Observatory of the European Economic and Social Committee organised a public hearing On the Road to a Global Climate Agreement in 2015 on 4 September 2013 in Brussels.

  • EESC, VM3 meeting room, Rue Van Maerlant/Van Maerlantstraat 2 - Brussels, Belgium
    The EESC Hearing on a European Plastic Waste Strategy will look into the life cycle of plastics, from design choices affecting the recyclability of plastic products, extended producer responsibility for plastic waste streams and the role of sustainable consumer behavior, to waste collection systems and the technical challenges to recycling and recovery. The participants will discuss policy options towards zero plastic waste from the perspectives of producers, consumers and public authorities.

  • Seminar - Brussels, Belgium
    On Wednesday 26 June, 2013, the Various Interests Group of the EESC organised a seminar, in collaboration with the European Farmers' organisation COPA COGECA, on the theme: "Seeing European Agriculture differently". Participants discussed economic developments in European agriculture, the CAP, the management and financing of agricultural markets, and assess a geostrategic analysis of agricultural markets: trends and risks and a comparative evaluation of the main global agricultural policies.

  • From a common agricultural policy to a common food policy
    Conference - Vilnius, Lithuania

    After the horse meat scandal, mad cow disease, swine flu and E.Coli cases in cucumbers, the question remains: is food safety chimera or reality in Europe? On 21 June 2013, Vilnius brought together decision makers, experts, consumers and representatives from the food and agriculture sector to analyse the state of food-related issues and propose solutions to current problems.

  • Brussels, Belgium
    The "Consumers and Environment Category" and the "Farmers" Category’ held a joint meeting on Wednesday 5 June 2013, to which a number of guest speakers and representatives of farmers’ and consumer organisations were invited to speak, under the title “Reinforce the transparency of the food chain to restore confidence".

Results 11 to 20 out of 70.