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The Lisbon strategy is a project for European society as a whole, enabling it to meet the challenges of a globalised world. Considering the present uncertain economic and social situation, the implementation of the Lisbon Agenda is of key importance. In July 2008 the EESC has created the Lisbon Strategy Observatory to step-up the stakeholder involvement in the Lisbon process. Civil society plays key role in the preparation, implementation and assessment of Lisbon reforms. The LSO works jointly with the national Economic and Social Councils and other partner organisations and will conduct country missions in order to hold genuine discussions on the implementation process with all civil society actors. During the new Lisbon cycle (2008-2010) the LSO will prepare jointly with national ESCs and other partner organisations a comprehensive, substantial and detailed "Integrated Report on the implementation and the future of the Lisbon Strategy in the post - 2010 period" to be presented to the Spring Council 2010.

The LSO is composed of 33 members, with 1 President and 2 Vice-Presidents.

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