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  • Seminar - EESC, JDE 62, Rue Belliard 99, Brussels, Belgium

    The Labour Market Observatory (LMO) of the European Economic and Social Committee organised a public seminar on “Integrating refugees into the labour market: turning the crisis into an opportunity” on Monday, 22 February 2016 from 2:30 to 6 p.m. at the EESC in Brussels.

  • Joint meeting - European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), VMA building, room VMA 1, 2 rue van Maerlant, 1040 Brussels, Belgium, Belgium

    This event was organised by the LMO and IMI together with the European Commission, in the context of the revision of the Blue Card directive.

    The EU Blue Card Directive was adopted in 2009 to facilitate the admission and mobility of highly qualified migrants and their family members. Evaluations of the Blue Card's implementation identified a number of issues that may negatively affect the effectiveness of the Blue Card and hamper the attractiveness of the EU in the global competition for highly skilled workers. Therefore, the European Commission intends to present a proposal for a revised Directive in March 2016, as part of a wider package of measures on migration.

    The aim of the workshop was to discuss the results of the public consultation that has recently been carried out on this subject. The event was an occasion for participants to express their views on the use of the Blue Card in their countries and on possible improvements of the scheme. The discussions will contribute to European institutions current work on legal migration

  • Labour Market Observatory (LMO) - Permanent Study Group on Immigration and Integration (IMI) conference
    Conference - JDE 62, Rue Belliard 99, Brussels, Belgium

    This event was dedicated to the integration of legal migrants in the labour market (third-countries nationals coming to the EU for family reunification, work or study).

  • Conference - European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), VMA building, room VMA 3, 2 rue van Maerlant, 1040 Brussels, Belgium

    This high-level conference, jointly organised by the LMO and the European Parliament (MEP Jean Arthuis, Chair of the BUDG Committee) was dedicated to the topic of apprenticeships and the mobility of apprentices.

  • Labour Market Observatory conference
    Conference - Florijana Andrašeca 18A/VI, Zagreb, Croatia

    This event was dedicated to tackling long-term unemployment, one of the most urgent challenges that Europe faces today. The aim was to look into what good practices are already in place and what further measures are necessary to tackle this problem and to provide opportunities for those most at risk of social exclusion. The presentations and discussions focused on the situation at both EU and national level.

  • Labour Market Observatory – 35th meeting
    Conference - Brussels, Belgium

    This LMO conference looked into existing and further measures for start-ups and SMEs to help hem create jobs. Discussions took place on topics such as EU legislation, the single market for services, the internationalisation of SMEs, financial incentives, business climate, procurement rules, labour law. Representatives of various European start-ups and enterprise networks shared their experiences on start-ups' aspirations and the challenges they face. They also stressed the difficulty of finding young people who have the skills that enterprises need. The event was an occasion to recall the importance of work-based learning and of entrepreneurial education. It also highlighted the key role of social enterprises, female entrepreneurs and the need for strong involvement of social partners in education.

  • Labour Market Observatory – 34th meeting
    Conference - EESC, Room VM3, Rue Van Maerlant 2, Brussels, Belgium

    This LMO conference was an opportunity to take stock of the existing policies and efforts undertaken by policymakers, public authorities and companies to achieve work-life balance and gender equality. Concrete examples and best practices on family-friendly policies were showcased and the substantial returns on social investment were demonstrated. The event's organisation was very timely, in a moment when discussions were taking place on a possible withdrawal of the draft maternity leave directive which was blocked by the Council for four years.

  • Labour Market Observatory Public hearing
    Public Hearing - Brussels, Belgium

    The event's topic was one of the highest priorities at EU level and its organisation was very well-timed, as the Member States were beginning to implement several EU policies for youth employment (such as the Youth Guarantee). Therefore, it was important to assess the level of involvement of civil society organisations in these policies, to recall the significant role that these organisations can play and to put forward their recommendations and best practices.

  • Visual Diversity in the workplace
    Labour Market Observatory conference
    Conference - Berlin, Germany

    This conference looked at how diversity can be recognised, respected and valued. Practical examples from across the EU showed how diverse workplaces could be beneficial for all: businesses, employees and society in general. The event also examined the question of the intra-EU mobility of workers and their integration in host Member States. Debates concretely contributed to the SOC/495 opinion on "Supporting the migration of young job seekers" and synergies were created with members of the study group.

  • Conference - Cedefop, Thessaloniki, Greece

    This conference of the Labour Market Observatory was hosted by CEDEFOP (European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training), in Thessaloniki.

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