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26 May 2012

Interview with Henri Malosse by Antoine Spohr, Prof.hon., Permanent Press Correspondent for Mediapart to the European Institutions, Le Monde.fr; Various media:


"Henri Malosse was trained in law and political sciences, is an authentic polyglot, and is affable and especially ardent on Europe. He teaches European studies in Strasbourg, where he created a degree "Master of European Public Policy". Since then he has been attached to this city, whose hosting the European Parliament's headquarters is sometimes questioned, in favour of the idea "all in Brussels".
While in "certain circles, one is allowed to" take the threat seriously, the answer by Henri Malosse was reassuring: "It is a false rumour that has no basis at this stage. France insists on hosting the seat of the EP and only a unanimous vote can change it. These are just free speculations from idle civil servants."
In truth, will there be idle civil servants? But what troubles further is the "at this stage". We will discuss with President Malosse in due time".
You can find the entire interview here (in French):

Media Mediapart
Location France
Interviewee Henri Malosse