Henri Malosse: "I want the EESC to speak up and refocus on the priorities of citizens"

16 Jan 2012

"The size of the pickle is an interesting topic, but too far from our citizens!"

Henri Malosse, Candidate for President of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC)

What are your priorities if elected?

I want the EESC stand up and refocus on the priorities of citizens. Producing advisory opinions on the size of cucumbers is interesting but is too distant from the concerns of our citizens. To be a true partner of the commissioners and parliamentarians, the new EESC should assess independently the impact of European policies on citizens. This is something the Commission can not do. In this way, the evaluation of the European will be non-partisan, giving priority to the public interest.

What other projects are you planning?

Finally create a European company statute for SMEs to simplify the daily administrative work of businesses and strengthen the sense of belonging to the European Union. I want to promote European centres of excellence: clusters, research centres, competitiveness centres, universities ...

How to achieve this?

I want to involve other stakeholders, including young entrepreneurs and give priority to areas such as research, education, health, which will give us real advantages to compete globally.

You emphasize the importance of dialogue, especially in the social field, to resolve conflicts. Is there enough interaction by the Member States and Europe with their citizens?

For Europe it is certainly not enough. One thing is certain, it is the countries that contribute the most to social dialogue, I think particularly in Scandinavian countries, which display the highest economic performance and are the most socially balanced. This is why the current crisis in the European Union should not be resolved solely by the pair Merkel-Sarkozy. Solutions must be developed in a collegial manner, together with civil society.

Media Interview by Fabien Piliu, La Tribune 12/01/2012
Location France
Interviewee Henri Malosse, President of the Employers' Group of the EESC