Henri Malosse: Europe must become more human and closer to the realities and needs of people

2 Jan 2012

Henri Malosse, President of the Employers' Group of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), addresses current issues, the future of Europe and the foreseeable development of the EESC, especially how to save the Euro. "Should we return to Europe of six? What is the biggest challenge facing Europe? Analyses by a real connoisseur of Europe, its culture and its institutions."

According to Henri Malosse: "The main challenge is the legitimacy of European institutions in relation to citizens. I believe that the EESC has to find (on condition that we also renew our working methods) and provided that we speaks truthfully, clearly, and that we deliver the message of civil society in a more straightforward way and more directly through our power of initiative - we must help ensure that the citizens, associations, and the economic and social world reclaims the European construction."

Interview with Henri Malosse by Jean-Louis Chambon - author and columnist at the economic Canal Académie (Academy Channel, the Institute of France's internet radio), and Honorary President and founder of the Cercle Turgot, on 2/1/2012.

You can listen to the interview below (French version only).


Media Interviewed by Jean-Louis Chambon for Canal Académie
Location France
Interviewee Henri Malosse, President of the Employers' Group of the EESC