Union certification system for aviation security screening equipment

25 Jan 2017
Adopted References: INT/805 EESC-2016-05432-00-00-AC-TRA Referral - Rapporteur: Mr Stefan Back (Employers - GR I / Sweden) Plenary Session: 522 - 25 Jan 2017 - 26 Jan 2017

EESC opinion: Union certification system for aviation security screening equipment

The Committee reiterates the importance of standards for making the single market more competitive and developing innovative products and services, and for increasing their quality and safety for the benefit of consumers, workers, businesses and the environment. It supports such a standardisation system which meets the needs both of society and the economy.

With this opinion, the EESC welcomes the objective of the Commission Proposal as a first step in implementing the Action Plan but has doubts about the added value of the Proposal as it now stands. The EESC regrets that it does not introduce a single EU approval authority with an integrated technical service and that the proposal does not reflect the possibility of prescribing more stringent requirements at national level than the basic level provided for under that regulation. The EESC also regrets that the TFEU does not allow dedicated national action to protect essential national interests against terrorist acts and that no consideration has been given to a system for exchange of information and coordination between the different national approval authorities.


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