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Today, in the 21st century, Europe remains a global scientific powerhouse, while research and innovation (R&I) are vital in meeting contemporary economic, social and environmental challenges. R&I is fundamental to Europe’s recovery from the current economic crisis and progress towards sustainable growth and jobs.

However, despite the quality knowledge Europe continues to produce, it faces important challenges, including an investment gap compared with major rivals like the US and Japan, and competition from emerging powers such as China and Brazil.

In response, the EU and its Member States need not only to pump more resources into research but also to get the most out of the investments they make. This involves enhancing crossborder collaboration, improving the mobility of knowledge, resources and researchers, and overcoming fragmentation.

R&I is vital to the Union’s strategic vision for the current decade, as reflected in the Europe 2020 strategy, which seeks to transform the EU into a true Innovation Union (IU) that can turn ideas into quality jobs, green growth and social progress.

The EESC on innovation

The EESC recognises the importance of research and innovation for the EU’s future prosperity, competitiveness and sustainability. That is why the topic has been high on its agenda for years.


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  • Published In: 2014
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    Boosting industrial policy, growth and competitiveness in Europe

    Summary of the discussion during the extraordinary meeting of the Employers' Group. The discussion on boosting industry and competitiveness in Europe took place during the Extraordinary Meeting of the Employers’ Group in Brussels, Belgium on 13th November 2013. The discussion on re-industrialisation of Europe took place during the panel organised by the Employers’ Group in the framework of the European Forum for New Ideas on 26th September 2013 in Sopot, Poland.

  • Published In: 2013
    2 pages
    Research and Innovation in the EU - EESC Position Paper
    "We believe that the free movement of researchers, scientific knowledge and technology must become the internal market’s ‘fifth freedom’ in addition to people, goods, capital and services." Daniela Rondinelli, rapporteur,EESC opinion on a partnership for excellence and growth in the European Research Area
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    Published In: 2010

    Contribution of the EESC on European Innovation policy
    Among other things, the Section for the Single Market, Production and Consumption draws up opinions on research and development in the European Union, new technologies and innovation. This brochure describes some of the Section's recent work in these fields, giving an overview of the subjects which it has discussed.
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