Bureau of the European Migration Forum

The Bureau of the European Migration Forum defines the meetings' agenda and organises the work of the Forum itself.

The Bureau has six members: one representative of the European Commission, one of the EESC and four members of civil society organisations with experience in the field of migration, asylum and/or migrant integration (two coming from a national-level organisation and the other two from an EU-level organisation).

They act in the interest of the whole Forum, not in the particular interest of their organisations. For the civil society members of the Bureau, elections are organised at each meeting of the Forum, in principle once per year. At each election, one representative from a national organisation and one from an EU organisation is chosen. As candidates are always elected for two years and elections are held yearly, this leads to a rotating system that ensures consistency due to overlapping mandates.

The Bureau generally meets four times a year. On this page, you can find the minutes of those meetings.