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EESC President to meet Dutch EU Presidency (10 February – The Hague)


Georges Dassis, President of the European Economic and Social Committee, will express the support of European civil society for the political priorities of the Dutch presidency during his visit to The Netherlands on Wednesday 10 February.

He is scheduled to meet with Ms Jetta Klijnsma, State Secretary for Social Affairs and Employment, to discuss the priorities of the EESC during the Dutch Presidency term, notably concerning a number of referrals for EESC opinions on Europe's social issues.

During another meeting with Ms Brigitte van der Burg, Chair of the Dutch Parliament's Committee on Social Affairs and Employment, the EESC President will discuss entrepreneurship, civil society activities and youth policy.

Mr Dassis will then meet Ms Mariëtte Hamer, President of the Dutch Social and Economic Council (SER) to discuss further cooperation.

The Dutch presidency has requested the EESC to carry out 10 exploratory opinions related to Europe's social issues, integration of migrants and the shape of Europe's economy, the EESC is determined to deliver strong and concrete solutions to make a better Europe for all.

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