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EU Digital Market : consumer protection must be top priority

EESC Consumer Day in Malta revealed the need for better regulation

The intensive and revealing discussions which took place at the EESC's European Consumer Day 2017, celebrated in Malta on 21 March, showed how important the Commission’s  Fitness Check of the Digital Market is. Many of the standards which are fully accepted in the real world are ignored when consumers, traders and providers interact in the virtual world. 37% of e-commerce and booking websites for travel, entertainment, clothing, electronic goods and financial services do not even respect basic consumer rights and most of the cross-border complaints – 68% in total - received by European consumer centres in 2015 were related to e-commerce. But appropriate regulation of e-commerce is not the only issue to give headaches to policy- and decision-makers: self-driving cars with the related risks and responsibilities, geoblocking, data protection, etc. all require better regulation. The discussions showed there is huge room for improvement of consumer protection and access to the digital world all over Europe.


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