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Deadline extended: EESC Civil Society Prize - Combating poverty

Rewarding excellence in civil society initiatives Brussels

The deadli​ne for applications has been extended until 10 September 2015


The 2015 prize will reward initiatives carried out by civil society organisations and/or individuals and aimed at improving the economic and social inclusion of the people living in poverty and countering the increasing risk of facing poverty in Europe.

The aim of the Civil Society Prize, which is awarded annually, is to reward and encourage tangible initiatives and achievements by civil society organisations and/or individuals that have made a significant contribution to promoting European identity and integration.


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  • 31 Aug 2015
    EESC Awards for Sustainable Design 2015 - All winners
    Winners announced: EESC awards for sustainable design

    The five winners of the 2015 EESC awards for sustainable design have been awarded yesterday.

    EESC member Alexander Graf von Schwerin awarded the successful projects "KNOT", "DIVA", "Thank You", "Garderobe X3" and "DRIVE 1.0" for their "Excellent Design and Sustainability".

  • 31 Aug 2015
    Improving passengers’ experience in public transport

    Research findings and innovative tools to be presented at the conference

    METPEX (Measurement Tool to determine the quality of Passenger Experience) is a research project funded in the context of the 7th Framework Programme of the EU, aiming to develop and evaluate a standardised tool to measure passenger experience across whole journeys. Its results will be used to inform policy makers in providing inclusive, passenger-oriented integrated transport systems that are accessible by all citizens. The METPEX consortium is coordinated by Coventry University and brings together 16 European partners, from 12 countries.


  • 19 Aug 2015
    Opening session - Henri Malosse
    Event of 7/09/2015: "Is change still possible in Europe?"

    On September 7th 2015, the President of EESC, Henri Malosse, invites numerous personalities of different backgrounds and countries around the subject "Is change still possible in Europe?". The American economist James K. Galbraith, Jean Lasalle, the French MP who led a long march to meet the Europeans, or even Colonel Vasco Lourenço, founder of the 25th of April association in Portugal, will be of those to bring, without waffling, their vision of a Europe which must change. This event, which will take place from 10h30 until 15h at the European Parliament in Brussels, will open the European comeback and will be accessible via web streaming.


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  • Issue Date: July 2015
    EESC info July 2015

    IN THIS ISSUE:  'Europe in harmony' - Top three winners selected in EESC video challenge; The Luxembourg presidency : "Genuinely listening to civil society is a prerequisite for a more vibrant European democracy"; Migration: European solidarity stress test; Agricultural trade and global food security.

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