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The EESC urges the Commission to safeguard consumers' rights against any erosion when it comes to digital contracts


The Digital Contract Rights opinion (Rapporteur: Mr Pegado Liz, Various Interests Group) was adopted by the European Economic and Social Committee at its plenary session on 27 April 2016.

The opinion addresses the European Commission legislative proposals on the supply of digital content, and on online sales of goods, both envisaged as a package with common objectives, within the context of the Digital Single Market Strategy.


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  • Issue Date: April 2016
    EESC info April 2016

    IN THIS ISSUE:  President Dassis’ statement concerning the terrorist attacks in Brussels; Interview to Gonçalo Lobo Xavier on the migration project; Members back from migration missions share their experience; New EESC study on planned obsolescence; Your Europe, Your Say! 2016; Giles Duley photograph exhibition

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