Vice Presidents

 2013-2015 Mandate

Arno METZLER (Germany)

  • Internal rules and procedures of Group III
  • EESC Rules of Procedure
  • Special projects for communication

Ariane RODERT (Sweden)

  • Coordination and support of Categories
  • Improving relations with Civil Society Organisations and Networks of the EU

Pavel TRANTINA (Czech Republic)

  • Monitoring study groups and annual assessments
  • Improving "Going Local" activities

In addition, on a three-monthly rotation basis, the Vice-Presidents are involved in the compilation of the new study groups and present the proposals at the Group Bureau meetings.

They also take it in turns to co-ordinate the presence of members in plenary at voting times and collaborate on the management of the appointment of Group III experts, the organisation of external Group meetings and special events and they oversee the spending on budget lines managed by Group III.

The Group III Presidency Team


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