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The Woodworking and Furniture sectors

Proposing guidelines for a European sustainable and competitive industry

In October 2011 (EESC Opinion on "Opportunities and challenges for a more competitive European woodworking and furniture sectors"), the EESC drew attention to the inconsistencies between various initiatives and policies implemented at European level. This situation has a major impact on the competitiveness of our forest-based and woodworking industries in the broadest sense.
To raise awareness of this situation and to seek the best ways to improve the current legal framework, the EESC is organising this conference, in cooperation with the European Commission and the European Parliament.
It is essential to ensure that the legislative framework provides competitive access to wood as a raw material, satisfying all its users while maintaining dynamic and sustainable forest management.
High-level speakers representing the European institutions and the players in the industry value chain will be present. The programme provides for extensive opportunities for discussion with the floor.