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The EESC at Rio+20 - United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development

Conference - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Engaging people for a sustainable development in Europe and globally lies at the heart of the European Economic and Social Committee work programme.

In our view the Rio+20 Conference has to result in viable political commitments that place sustainable development at the centre of global policy making. Civil society plays a vital role in pushing for and living up to such political commitments  by enabling participation from the ground up and securing ownership.

Based on an intensive civil society dialogue the EESC contributed to establishing the EU's position on Rio+20. In February 2012, the major EESC conference Go sustainable, be responsible! European civil society on the road to Rio+20, sent out a list of messages to take on board at Rio+20 and called on our political leaders to step up their efforts to arrive to an ambitious outcome at the UN conference.

At international level we are discussing Rio related topics and our messages with our counterparts in various parts of the world, including civil society representatives in Brazil, China, Russia, India, South Africa (BRICS) and the ACP region.

EESC activities in Rio:

19 June – What is at stake at Rio+20? Recommendations from Brazilian and EU civil society. 6th Meeting of the EU-Brazil Civil Society Round Table. Joint event of the EESC and the Brazilian Council for Economic and Social Development (CDES).

19 June – EU-BRICS Civil Society Meeting – Dialogue for Sustainable Development. Joint event of the EESC with Economic and Social Councils and similar institutions from the BRICS countries.

21 June – Civil society taking global responsibility: Models of civil society participation in sustainable development from local to global level. EESC side event on sharing experiences concerning civil society involvement


Contact: Sustainable Development Obsevatory

Follow the EESC delegation in Rio: http://portal.eesc.europa.eu/rioplus20/Pages/home.aspx