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Supporting start-ups to create growth and employment

Labour Market Observatory – 35th meeting Conference - Brussels, Belgium

This LMO conference looked into existing and further measures for start-ups and SMEs to help hem create jobs. Discussions took place on topics such as EU legislation, the single market for services, the internationalisation of SMEs, financial incentives, business climate, procurement rules, labour law. Representatives of various European start-ups and enterprise networks shared their experiences on start-ups' aspirations and the challenges they face. They also stressed the difficulty of finding young people who have the skills that enterprises need. The event was an occasion to recall the importance of work-based learning and of entrepreneurial education. It also highlighted the key role of social enterprises, female entrepreneurs and the need for strong involvement of social partners in education.

Panelists included representatives from start-ups and their networks, including social enterprises, the European Parliament, the European Commission, Eurofound and social partners.