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RRI Shaping new Horizons: Responsible Research and Innovation in Europe and across the World

Conference - Brussels, Belgium

The EU seeks to become a genuine Innovation Union by 2020, striving for excellent science, competitive industry, and a better society without compromising on sustainability, ethical acceptability or societal desirability.

Responsible Research and Innovation, RRI, is a governance approach that supports the Innovation Union.

The RRI agenda pervades all European research funded in Horizon 2020. Such engagement calls for the involvement of a cross section of stakeholders in research such as researchers and research organisations, policy makers at European, national and international levels, business and industry, and civil society.

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) and the projects GREAT, ResAgora, Responsibility and Progress (Go4 projects) have organised a conference “RRI Shaping new Horizons: Responsible Research and Innovation in Europe and across the World”, which was held at the EESC premises, in Brussels, on 14 – 15 January 2016.

The conference aimed to highlight work undertaken by the EESC and the GO4 projects’ Consortiums and stimulate debate between representatives of the main stakeholder groups involved in research and innovation. The interplay between RRI and Commissioner Carlos Moedas’ key priorities of “Open Innovation, Open Science and Openness to the World”, was addressed. RRI also has contributions to make to the current European Commission’s 10 high-level priorities (from a new boost for jobs, to democratic governance).

The Go4 projects were ready to present their findings, conceptual developments, concrete messages and policy recommendations to contribute to the development of evidence-based research policy in Europe and its member states. By highlighting current practice and factors that influence the success of RRI, the conference has provided insights into good practice that can be the basis of future policy.