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Seminar on maritime industries sector

Athens, Greece


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Maritime Industry is highlighted by the Greek Presidency as one of its main priorities.

Two sectors of maritime industry have been subject of recent opinions prepared by CCMI:  nautical industries and shipyards (both subsectors for new ship construction and for maintenance and conversion).

Shipyards industry in Greece is going through very difficult time. On the contrary Nautical industry could and should profit from the surge in tourists frequentation in Greece if a good framework of conditions is implemented.

Greek Presidency offers a perfect opportunity to show local stakeholders that EESC is taking into consideration problems in their various aspects pleading for a socially acceptable approach of sectors that despite its strategic importance must go through restructuration or suggesting adapted solution for a fruitful development of sectors highly sensitive to the economic conjuncture.

An informal EU Summit on competitivity is organised by the Greek Presidency on 12 May in Athens. It will be centred on Industrial Policy with both a horizontal and a sectoral approach.
In this framework, CCMI organises a Seminar on the Maritime industries sectors