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EESC/CCMI conference in Malta Digital Europe and Industrial Change

Valletta, Malta

Digital Europe and Industrial Change

EESC/CCMI conference on 21 April, Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, 64 Republic St, Valletta, Malta  


The digitalization of Europe's economy and industry is not something new; the 4th Industrial Revolution has already started to change our society – to which extent is still uncertain. New jobs are emerging, others will vanish, many of the jobs will change and some will be shifted to other countries. What is sure is that this 4th Industrial Revolution will cause a drastic change to the world as we know it. Therefore it is important that policy-makers and organized civil society look at this major transition now and try to anticipate some of the possible adjustments that will be needed to adapt to the new context.


The Commission for Industrial Change (CCMI) at the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) has drawn up several opinions on the paradigm of digitalization, with recommendations for the European Institutions and public authorities in general. On 21 April 2017, it will organize a conference on "Digital Europe and Industrial Change" in Malta which will provide an opportunity to discuss these recommendations and examine how they might be taken on board and swiftly implemented. The EESC is convinced that Europe needs to take steps now to meet the challenges, both in terms of economic competitiveness and the effect on employment and society in general.


Dr Emmanuel Mallia, Minister for Competiveness and Digital, Maritime and Services Economy, will give an opening address to the conference.