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Meeting - Brussels and Houffalize, Belgium



The social situation in the Baltic States // Economic governance: wages and collective agreements

27 and 28 November 2012

Brussels and Houffalize


Draft programme



First part of the meeting (room JDE 62)

2 p.m.

Opening session  
  • Welcome address by Georges Dassis, President of the Workers' Group – EESC

2.30 p.m.

Presentation of the studies on the economic and social situation in the Baltic states, carried out at the request of the Workers' Group

  • Lithuania - Boguslavas Gruzevskis
  • Latvia - Janis Kajaks
  • Estonia - Alari Purju


5 p.m.

Conclusions and final remarks

  • Georges Dassis, President of the Workers' Group – EESC



Second part of the meeting (Houffalize)

9 a.m.

Opening session  

  • Welcome address
  • Georges Dassis, President of the Workers' Group – EESC

9.15 a.m.

The economic and social situation in the European Union and short-term perspectives

  • Speeches by:
  • Claude Rolin, EESC member, Secretary General of the Confederation of Christian Trade Unions
  • Rudy De Leeuw, President of the Belgian General Federation of Labour (FGTB)
  • Jan Vercamst, President of the General Confederation of Liberal Trade Unions of Belgium (CGSLB)



The role of the Workers' Group of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) in the fight for the respect of international labour conventions

  • Speech by
  • Luc Cortebeeck, President of the ILO Workers' Group 


11 a.m.

Coffee break

11.15 a.m.

European economic governance: what is at stake for wages and collective bargaining

  • Speeches by:
  • Ronald Janssen, economic advisor at the European Trade Union Confederation
  • Andreas Botsch, senior researcher at the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI)


1 p.m. End of meeting