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European Fourth World People's University

Citizens united for a Europe active against persistent poverty Conference - EESC, Brussels, Belgium

On Monday 5 March 2012 the European Economic and Social Committee will host the 12th European Fourth World People's University on the topic “Citizens united for a Europe active against persistent Poverty”, jointly organised by the ATD Fourth World Movement and the EESC.

2013 will be the "European Year of Citizens", aiming at better involving citizens in the development of European policies. The theme chosen for this years' event is therefore "Citizens united for a Europe active against persistent poverty", with workshops on the following three subthemes:

  1. "Citizenship and living together with our differences"
  2. "Citizenship and access to fundamental rights to all"
  3. "Citizenship, participation of all and representation of people living in poverty".

The European Fourth World People's Universities provide a space for discussion and reflection with people living in poverty, in order to find, with them, ways to fight against severe poverty, based on their life experiences.

This event will bring together, on one hand, 180 delegates from 11 European countries – individuals who have themselves experienced persistent poverty, but also citizens who support the fight against persistent poverty – and, on the other hand, representatives of the European institutions and other players in the fight against poverty and social exclusion.

Over the course of the morning’s workshops, participants will tackle different questions related to citizenship and poverty in Europe. In the afternoon, a discussion in plenary will allow questions and ideas to be shared, as well as recommendations to be formulated for the promotion of citizenship for everyone.

The EESC will be represented by its president, Mr Staffan Nilsson (who will welcome participants), the president of the SOC Section, Ms Leila Kurki (who will close the event), and a delegation of EESC members.