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2014 Euromed Summit of Economic and Social Stakeholders and Institutions

Seminar - Nicosia, Cyprus

In accordance with the decision taken at the Euro-Mediterranean Ministerial Conference in Barcelona in November 1995, the Economic and Social Councils and Similar Institutions of the European Union and the Euromed partner countries, have regularly held Summits since 1995. These meetings are designed to promote greater understanding of the main issues affecting organised civil society in the Euromed region and to enhance mutual awareness of economic and social realities.

This year's summit will address several challenges faced by the countries in the region, viewed from the civil society perspective. These include poverty and social exclusion, the importance of social economy and entrepreneurship and the current situation of young people in the Euromed region.                                                       

We are expecting around 150 attendees at the summit mainly employers, trade unions and other socio-professional organisations, representatives from EU institutions, as well as delegates from NGO networks.