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A Participatory Model for Energy Efficiency in the Building sector

From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Conference - MACIF Auditorium, 17-21 Place Etienne Pernet, 75015 Paris, France

The building sector plays a key role in the European economy in terms of contribution to GDP and job creation. Achieving greater energy efficiency of the sector is a core objective of the Europe 2020 strategy and the EU's energy and climate policy. Europe's ageing building stock represents both an enormous potential and a huge challenge in terms of reducing demand for energy.

We increasingly realize that lowering energy consumption does not only depend on innovative technologies: people must be included in the management of the housing stock. Things need to be conducted in a more participatory way across Europe. Therefore it is necessary to identify the actors of change, especially those who have a positive impact on the involvement of civil society.

This conference will facilitate unprecedented cooperation between architects and town planners, representatives of the construction sector and local, regional, national and European political circles. Immediately after the conference there will be a visit to a social housing renovation site in Paris; this visit will also examine the involvement of all civil society players with an interest in the renovation project.