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Towards digital health

Delivering safe information on medicinal products in Europe Public Hearing - Brussels, Belgium

On 10 June 2015 the EESC organised a public hearing on digital health with European Institutions, academics, health experts and civil society representatives. The topic is of fundamental interest and great importance for European citizens and patients, as it contains key aspects of values, ethics and rights and has significant implications for the living and working conditions of Europeans. The Hearing brought together EU representatives, academics, researchers, business and patients' representatives to address inter alia some of the following aspects:

  • health literacy and digital literacy,
  • Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI): digital information in the IMI,
  • mobile devises and Apps in a medical context,
  • the role of EMA: synergies between EMA database and patient/user-friendly systems.

This event gave stakeholders the opportunity to express their views and expectations on this issue, which will be a useful base for further reflection at appropriate political and strategic level. The own initiative opinion on this issue will certainly be a useful tool to bring this issue further.

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