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Sustainable Development Goals for Asia and Europe: Means of Implementation for Post-2015 Development Agenda

Brussels, Belgium

This conference aims to contribute to the global debate on SDGs with regards to issues of indicators and targets as well as challenges of SDGs implementation at the national level. The event is a result of our attempts to involve different stakeholders in the process of collaborating on the means of implementation for SDGs especially focusing on the linkage with businesses and innovative financing as well as keeping our focus on governance of and for sustainable development goals.

Established in 2003, the ENVforum aims to foster inter-regional cooperation between Europe and Asia on sustainable development and its environmental dimensions. Acting both as a facilitator and bottom-up promoter of wide-ranging initiatives, the ENVforum provides the ideal platform for knowledge-sharing, capacity building and provider of up-to-date information for policy makers and partner organizations on environmental themes. Ultimately, the forum strives to meaningfully contribute to the formulation of sound political decisions that are mindful of their environmental impact.

Venue: European Economic and Social Committee, Rue Van Maerlant 2, 1040 Brussels Conference room  VM3, 2nd floor