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Plenary Session - Charlemagne Building (European Commission), Room S3 - B - 1040 Brussels, Belgium


  • 11 Jul 2012 Organisation: EESC, Speaker: Staffan Nilsson
    President's speech at the EESC Plenary debate: "Bringing Rio home" The EESC has been very actively involved in the run-up to Rio, enabling civil society dialogue in preparation of the Conference and at the Conference. We were committed to contributing to the EU's position and to mobilising EU civil society in order to push EU and world leaders towards an ambitious outcome.
  • 11 Jul 2012 Organisation: EESC, Speaker: Staffan Nilsson
    President Nilsson's remarks on the Cyprus Presidency during the EESC Plenary Session Since the Lehmann Brothers' bankruptcy, the EESC has been calling for more European integration as the only appropriate response to the crisis. Now, after years of inter-governmental deals in Europe and with too many small, half-hearted steps, only a true master plan with a clear roadmap attached can save Europe from disintegration and pave the way for sustainable growth and employment. I can see some reason for optimism though.
  • 11 Jul 2012 Organisation: EESC, Speaker: Staffan Nilsson
    Opening of the EESC Plenary Session State of Play following the European Council meeting on 29 June 2012 After many European Summits held during the past years in which many small preparatory steps were made, at the Summit held now on 29 June important progress has been made. All Heads of State and Government acknowledged that the Member States whose currency is the Euro would deepen their cooperation in order to break the vicious circle between banks and sovereigns.