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President's blog European Elections 22-25 May 2014 - Act. React. Impact.


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23 Apr 2014 - 24 Apr 2014

Impact Study of the EU Renewable Energy Directive

Visit in France France, Nice

Impact Study of the EU Renewable Energy Directive: site visit in France

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    An initiative to nominate 2015 as the European Year for Development and Cooperation

    The initiative to nominate 2015 as a European Year for Development Cooperation is an excellent example of cooperation between the EESC, other European institutions and European civil society. The official decision on the initiative can be expected soon. Now we have to return to national, local and individual level to get suggestions for concrete aims and content. This European Year, set in the context of the Millennium Development Goals and the new, post-2015 goals, will be a success if it can obtain broad support from people inside and outside the EU. Your ideas, participation and help are very welcome!
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    The 2014 European elections: this time it's different

    The European elections of 22-25 May 2014 give voters the chance to influence the future political course of the European Union when they elect the 751 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) to represent their interests for the next five years.

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    Calendar of the meetings of the Committee (plenary sessions) and its bodies (sections, observatories,...)

  • Seminar - Paseo de la Castellana, 46 - Madrid, Spain

    Europe is badly lacking stronger cooperation in the area of defence: there is no coherent, unified European position in crisis situations, and a lot of resources are wasted due to overlapping capacities.

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    Visit in France
    Nice, France

    Impact Study of the EU Renewable Energy Directive: site visit in France

  • Kyllini, Greece

    The objective of the Employers' Group thematic meeting, jointly organised with the National Hellenic Confederation of Commerce (ESEE) is to have an open and frank discussion on the critical issue of the lack of access to finance in Greece which jeopardise business development, economic recovery and growth. Our aim is to propose concrete initiatives to national and EU decision-makers based on a constructive exchange between EESC Employers Group members and Greek business actors.

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    Plenary Session - Charlemagne building (European Commission), Room S3 - 1040 Brussels, Belgium

    498th Plenary session with the participation of
    Mr Viktor YUSHCHENKO, former Ukrainian president, for a debate on the situation in Ukraine
    Mr Konstantínos COSTA-GAVRAS, Greek-French director and scriptwriter, for a debate on Safeguarding Europe's cultural diversity