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The Raw Materials Initiative and the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials are key policies that may contribute decisively to maintaining the competitiveness and sustainability of European industry and, consequently, the maintenance or creation of new jobs, especially in regions that have been affected by restructuring due to globalisation.

The CCMI has valuable experience to share with other stakeholders based on opinions that have been adopted in recent years: tackling the challenges in commodity markets and on raw materials, the processing and exploitation of industrial and mining waste deposits from the EU, secondary raw materials, the Raw Materials Initiative, non-energy mining industry in Europe, supply of raw materials.

Going local in events that will be organised in Spain, Slovakia, Romania and Finland will create the right framework for the committee members to better understand the situation on the ground and the concerns of the local organised civil society.

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    2015 will be a pivotal year for development cooperation, in the EU and beyond. It is the year by which progress made to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) is to be evaluated. It will also be the year in which a new, UN-led global strategy and new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the decade to come are to be defined and negotiated.

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  • Valletta, Malta

    The EESC Employers' Group is organising a seminar on the future of the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership in La Valletta, Malta. This event, which will be attended by representatives of the EU and US negotiators, local politicians, business representatives and EESC members, aims to analyze the possible effects of TTIP on Maltese businesses and citizens, as well as to give a platform for Malta's business and political world to speak out on their needs and expectations from these trade negotiations. During this debate, we will also focus on what TTIP can bring to Maltese SMEs and how it could significantly support the creation of additional growth and jobs in Malta.

  • Poster Sport and European Values
    Public Hearing - Brussels, Belgium

    The public hearing will explore how sport can strengthen European values such as mutual respect, social integration and equality between men and women. Examples of initiatives, which use sport to bridge differences and foster a sense of community will be presented. The aim of the hearing is to draw lessons from such initiatives and suggest new ways to make sport a vehicle for integration in Europe.


  • Conference - Madrid, Spain

    Due to reasons impossible to foresee, we were forced to cancel this meeting.

  • Jelgava, Latvia

    The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) is currently preparing an exploratory opinion on "Implications of the EU climate and energy policy on the development of the agricultural and forestry sectors".

    The EESC will hold a public hearing on these issues on 10 March 2015 from 9.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. at the Latvia University of Agriculture in Jelgava.

    The objectives of the hearing are to gather relevant proposals to address the challenges faced by the agricultural and forestry sectors in the context of climate change, to highlight potential opportunities for the sectors and address the effects on civil society, as well as to propose recommendations concerning the place and role of the agricultural and forestry sectors in the EU's 2030 energy and climate policy framework.  

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    Brussels, Belgium


    Since 1999 the EESC organises the meetings of European Union, Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) civil society organisations at the request of the European Commission. The 8th meeting will take place on 11 and 12 March 2015 in Brussels. These meetings are held every two years as a prelude to the summits of heads of state and government of the EU-CELAC and enable the development of dialogue between the civil society organisations of the EU and LAC, to encourage the strengthening of these organisations and to make the viewpoints of organised civil society heard by heads of state. This event will have around 120 participants including EESC members, organised civil society representatives from LAC, and guest speakers. The topics for discussion include Climate Change, Inequality, the Informal Economy and factors for Economic Development between both regions. As is customary, a final declaration with recommendations on the topics discussed will be issued jointly and presented at the EU-CELAC heads of state meeting later in the year.


    Desde 1999, el CESE viene organizando los encuentros de representantes de la sociedad civil organizada UE-América Latina y el Caribe a petición de la Comisión Europea. La octava edición se celebrará los días 11 y 12 de marzo de 2015 en Bruselas. Estos encuentros se celebran cada dos años antes de la Cumbre de Jefes de Estado o de Gobierno UE-CELAC. Permiten desarrollar el diálogo entre las organizaciones de la sociedad civil de la UE y ALC, fomentan el refuerzo de estas organizaciones y consiguen que los jefes de Estado conozcan el punto de vista de la sociedad civil organizada. El encuentro congregará a unos 120 participantes: miembros del CESE, representantes de la sociedad civil organizada de ALC y oradores invitados. Los temas de debate incluyen el cambio climático, la desigualdad, la economía informal y los factores de desarrollo económico entre ambas regiones. Como es habitual, se emitirá una declaración final conjunta con recomendaciones sobre los temas debatidos, que será presentada en la reunión de Jefes de Estado UE-CELAC en el transcurso del año.


    Desde 1999 que o CESE organiza os encontros da sociedade civil organizada da União Europeia, da América Latina e das Caraíbas (ALC) a pedido da Comissão Europeia. O 8.º encontro terá lugar em 11 e 12 de março de 2015, em Bruxelas. Estas reuniões são organizadas de dois em dois anos, como prelúdio às cimeiras de chefes de Estado ou de Governo da UE e da CELAC e permitem fazer avançar o diálogo entre as organizações da sociedade civil da UE e da ALC, promover o seu reforço e fazer chegar aos chefes de Estado a opinião da sociedade civil organizada. Este evento terá cerca de 120 participantes, incluindo membros do CESE, representantes da sociedade civil organizada da ALC e oradores convidados. Os temas a debater incluem as alterações climáticas, as desigualdades, a economia informal e os fatores de desenvolvimento económico entre ambas as regiões. Como é habitual, será elaborada uma declaração final conjunta, com recomendações sobre os temas abordados, a apresentar na reunião de chefes de Estado da UE-CELAC no decurso deste ano.

  • Labour Market Observatory conference
    Conference - Florijana Andrašeca 18A/VI, Zagreb, Croatia

    The European Economic and Social Committee invites you to attend its conference on “Taking action on long-term unemployment: national and European perspectives”, taking place in Zagreb on the 11 March 2015.

  • Conference - ul. Nowogrodzka 1/3/5, PL 00-513 Warsaw, Poland

    Mr Krzysztof Balon, chair of the EESC's study group on SGI and Co-President of the Public Benefit Works Council of the Republic of Poland, has the honour to invite you to the conference "The role of the non-profit sector as a provider of social services of general interest".

    Non-profit organizations such as associations, foundations and other charities, as well as social enterprises, play a crucial and increasingly relevant role in the provision of services of general interest (SGI). The conference aims at identifying and assessing good practices among several Member States (Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Slovakia, and Latvia).

    The conference is jointly organised by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of the Republic of Poland, and the Public Benefit Works Council of the Republic of Poland. It will take place on 12 March 2015. A programme and a registration form will soon be available. A networking lunch will be offered.