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  • Conference - debate
    Conference - EESC - JDE 62, Belgium
    The TEN Section organised this discussion with Vaclav Smil, Professor Emeritus at the University of Manitoba, Canada, on the topic of energy transition. Using a multidisciplinary approach, Professor Smil presented the challenges inherent to the decorbonisation of the energy system. The event, which gathered EESC Members, experts, policy makers and other stakeholders, was followed by a lively debate in which competing visions of energy transition were presented.

  • Dialogue with citizens and among citizens on energy futures
    Conference - EESC, Rue Belliard 99., 1040 Brussels, room JDE62, Belgium

    This conference will explore how the process of guidance towards a future energy mix launched by Energy Roadmap 2050 can focus on the genuine participation of citizens in the debate on a low carbon energy future. Discussions on energy futures, management of change in European societies, role of media, citizens education and consciousness

  • A joint event of the EESC and the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) during European Sustainable Energy Week 2012
    Conference - Brussels, EESC, Belgium
    This common EESC-EERA event is an opportunity for the energy research community to open up to European civil society and illustrate to an enlarged public the latest developments in low carbon technologies. The experience of the EESC in advising EU legislators on energy and research, as well as the EERA Joint Programme research results will be the basis of an interactive one-day conference, where experts, panelists and participants will engage into a stimulating debate about the impact of energy research on people's everyday lives.

  • Conference - Rue Belliard 99., 1040 Brussels

    In the context of the future EU framework programme for research and innovation “Horizon 2020”, the Energy Efficient Buildings Association (E2BA; link: and the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) were jointly organising a Conference on “Energy Efficient Buildings and Districts: Research to Accelerate Innovation”. Please find in attachment the official invitation, the draft agenda as well as the registration form, which you are requested to return by 7 May 2012 at the latest to the address

  • Conference - EESC, Rue Belliard 99 - 1040 Brussels, Belgium

    In line with its activities on the European Energy Community (EEC), the EESC continues its efforts to promote an increased Europeanisation of the energy policy. The massive decarbonisation which is required by 2050 (i.e. CO2 emissions reductions of 80 to 95% by 2050 as agreed by the European Council in October 2009) prompted the European Commission to adopt an EU Energy Roadmap 2050 at the end of 2011. It is highly unlikely that EU Member States will agree on any of the seven scenarios proposed in the roadmap, given that the energy mix is a matter of national sovereignty.

  • Seminar - Brussels, Jacques Delors building, room JDE62, Belgium, 13 March 2012 from 14:30-17:00, Belgium

    This public seminar will gather experts, policy makers, industry and employee stakeholders in order to discuss the impact of Europe's energy dependency on the EU and the Member State and the shaping of the EU's external energy relations from a civil society perspective. The EESC has called for increased progress towards a common EU foreign energy policy, notably in reference to security of supply and the fostering of strategic relations with non-EU countries. It welcomes the recent Commission proposal for an information exchange mechanism in the field of external energy agreements. However many challenges remain, including national vs. European attitudes. This seminar is part of the activities of the EESC and the European think tank "Notre Europe" to promote a European Energy Community, the policy initiative meant at a deeper Europeanisation of energy policy and a stronger involvement of civil society in energy governance.

  • Public Hearing - Brussels, Jacques Delors building, room JDE62, Belgium

    In the context of the preparation of an opinion on "Energy education" requested by the Danish Presidency of the European Union (rapporteur: Mr Iozia – Empoyees' Group, Italy), the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) organised a public hearing on this subject. EU efforts on the transition towards a low carbon energy system require appropriate policy and the right regulatory framework. However, energy challenges have a strong societal and behavioural dimension. In particular, energy education can play a key role in helping people to adapt their behaviour to support the energy transition ahead and in contributing to reducing people's energy bills.

  • Conference - Brussels, Belgium
    In a context of strong interdependency between the EU's Member States, this conference aims to promote joint – rather than national – responses to the major energy challenges facing the EU today.

  • Conference - EESC, Brussels, Belgium
    The conference will discuss the question of evolution of the economic model of social housing in relation to EU policies.

  • Conference - EESC, Brussels, Belgium
    Dependent as it is on imports of fossil fuels, the EU is facing a major energy challenge. Energy independence and economic stability, the fight against climate change and environmental protection all mean that the EU must step up its transition to a low-carbon economy. The technological leap which will allow this transition - energy efficiency- is at the heart of the EU’s 2020 Strategy, but swift progress is needed as the EU is currently on course to achieve only half of the 20% objective for energy efficiency.

Results 21 to 30 out of 46.


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