Energy and Transport

Together, mobility, energy and infrastructure form an indivisible whole that is key to building a united Europe. Whether it is about technical issues or major societal debates, we want to enable European citizens to move around with greater freedom and, in particular, in a more environmentally friendly way.

Take the question of climate change. This problem has led to the promotion of transport systems that respect the environment, renewable energy sources and, indirectly, the modernisation of infrastructures.

Since these topics are closely linked, we have grouped them within the Transport, Energy, Infrastructure and Information Society section (TEN), with the aim of involving civil society in the future development of all these sectors in Europe.

In the field of energy, we publish opinions on:

  • renewable energies
  • energy security
  • energy markets and networks
  • reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • energy efficiency and energy saving
  • social and environmental aspects of the use of energy resources
  • education and citizen participation
  • better information from consumers
  • nuclear energy issues.

Regarding transport and infrastructure, whether road, rail, sea or air, we represent civil society’s views on:

  • urban mobility
  • working time for self-employed freight drivers
  • Trans-European Networks
  • cross-border road safety
  • freight transport logistics
  • air traffic management
  • airport security
  • promoting coastal shipping.

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