• 4 Jun 2014
    Energy prices and costs (communication) Adopted References: TEN/547 Referral - COM(2014) 21 final Rapporteur: Mr Richard Adams (Various interests - GR III / United Kingdom) Plenary Session: 499 - 4 Jun 2014 - 5 Jun 2014

    Energy prices can comprise an important competitiveness factor for industry. However, an economic analysis of industrial competitiveness should not be limited to energy prices. It is essential to have global coherence in limiting climate change. Leadership by Europe may risk consequences of uncompetitiveness, industrial relocation and carbon export.

    Energy efficiency, renewable energy, and other indigenous sources of energy can all improve security of supply but each have factors of cost, risk, environmental impact and social acceptance attached. As national approaches and attitudes will vary transparent cost analysis and a revision and better coordination of support instruments (like feed-in regulations and tariffs) are vital in determining an acceptable energy mix in each Member State and cooperation with neighbouring countries is equally important.

  • 20 Mar 2013
    Needs and methods of public involvement in the energy policy field Adopted References: CESE 2366/2012 - TEN/503 Exploratory Opinion Rapporteur: Mr Richard Adams (Various interests - GR III / United Kingdom) Plenary Session: 488 - 20 Mar 2013 - 21 Mar 2013 The EESC will take a lead in establishing a European Energy Dialogue (EED), a coordinated multi-level, action-oriented conversation within and across all Member States. The programme will be ambitious and funded by stakeholders in the energy chain, linking with existing initiatives and gaining recognition as a trustworthy "social brand" responsive to public needs and concerns. The EED will be synonymous with reliable information about energy, and will offer a "negotiation space" where implementation issues can be discussed against a background of societal impact and acceptance, investment and resource strategy and other policy considerations. It will influence policy-making across all forms of energy and stimulate convergence at EU level, with strong links to the post-2020 energy and climate action framework. The EESC therefore recommends strong political and administrative backing for the proposed EED.
  • 23 May 2012
    Energy Roadmap 2050 Adopted References: CESE 1315/2012 - TEN/481 Referral - COM(2011) 885 final Rapporteur: Mr Coulon (Workers - GR II / France) Co-rapporteur: Mr Adams (Various interests - GR III / United Kingdom) Plenary Session: 481 - 23 May 2012 - 24 May 2012 The EESC notes with great interest the Energy Roadmap 2050 and its objective of providing a framework for the agreed policy of the substantial decarbonisation of the energy sector in Europe by 2050. The challenge is not only to achieve a sustainable and secure low carbon energy mix in a competitive market but to convince civil society that this is an attainable objective. The widest possible debate among the European public will be necessary and the Committee believes the Roadmap can be effective in launching this dialogue. But it must promote engagement at every level – personal, community, regional, national, at EU level and, in particular, with complementary global action.
  • 18 Jan 2012
    Involving civil society in a European Energy Community Adopted References: CESE 154/2012 - TEN/459 Own-initiative Rapporteur: Mr Coulon (Workers - GR II / France) Plenary Session: 477 - 18 Jan 2012 - 19 Jan 2012

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